Level Editor is a tool for creating and editing game levels, written entirely
in C#/WPF 4. It is a work in progress of a project that i am doing in my spare time.

(11 April 2013) LEVEL EDITOR v.08 Features
- Implemented Physics Toggle
- Implemented PhysicBodies creation, (Toggle PhysicBodies, and create a rectangle by doing a selection) 

LEVEL EDITOR v.07 Features
- Added the possibility to do rectangular selection to select one or many sprite
- MultiSprite Selection Transformation (Translation or Scaling) using adorner
- Added the possibility to do Translation using keyboard Arrow Keys
- Fixed other few bugs and glitchs

LEVEL EDITOR v.06 Features
- Added Zoom with a slider and preview image
- Able to move game sprite with the arrow keys
- Fixed few bugs and glitchs

:: SpriteSheet Editor v.01 Features
- Add one of many sprite at a time to create a spritesheet
- Load, Save SpriteSheets
- Generate a spritesheet base on added sprite on a power of 2 sheet
- Change the framerate in millisecond
- Change the name of the sprite sheet

:: Assets Manager v.02 Features
- Link a sprite sheet to the actor behaviours

LEVEL EDITOR v.05 Features
- Browse trought a categorized list of GameSprite
- Selection of gamesprite as a brush
- Provide a way to manage GameSprite hierarchy
- Reposition GameSprite by Drag & Drop in different Layer
- Hide & Lock Layer or individual sprite
- Hide & Lock Children of a layer quickly
- Quick search a GameSprite in the scene hierarchy
- Select a Sprite in the hierarchy
- Delete selected sprite (DELETE) key or via menu
- Show current Mouse position in the status bar
- Add GameSprite to the scene by clicking on it (ALT + Click)
- Delete a selected Game sprite (DELETE) key or via menu
- Movable GameSprite once selected
- Resizable GameSprite once selected
- Show GameSprite properties in a editable grid when selected
- Auto GameSprite naming when added, name is changeable in the properties grid
- Change from the properties grid auto reflect on the Scene and/or the layer panel
- Display Scene properties when click on the scene node or empty region of the scene
- Toggle Game Grid on scene
- Change Game Grid Square Size using the Scene properties
- Align GameSprite to the grid
- Copy, Cut & Paste of GameSprite
- Designed a Splash for app startup
- Created the About Level Editor
- Added Menu and ToolBars with nice little icons
- Copy, Cut, Paste, of Selected GameSprite on the Scene
- Create/Edit level Porperties Window
- Save, Save as of a Level
- Load Level
- Exit Confirm message
- Created assets Manager Window
- Load Game Elements from the assets (sprite_list.xml)

:: Assets Manager v.01 Features

- Add one or multiple sprite
- Remove/Delete Selected Sprite(s)
- Edit default sprite properties
- Edit default actor properties
- Implemented Live editing (binding between the list and the editor)
- Hide/Show tab options base on selected sprite
- Save & Load of sprite_list.xml

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